Phytoceramides & Eyes Problems

Eye’m in Pain: Skin Problems Under Your Eyes

The skin beneath your eyes can be extremely irritable. This is because the nature of its thickness. It makes the skin very susceptible to certain disorders, ones that can be painful and leave the person feeling insecure about their appearance. There is hope, though! If you know how to correctly care for your skin and do so routinely, you can avoid some of the following painful or irritating skin disorders.

Skin DiscolorationEye'm in Pain: Skin Problems Under Your Eyes

Dead or useless skin cells can increase and cause a brownish discolored area below your eyes. Certain factors in the environment can also cause this skin tone dysfunction. The sun often damages the fragile layer of skin, sometimes unavoidably. Whatever the cause, as there are many, it can make you look tired or older.

The Solution

There are safe chemicals you can buy, alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid,  that will safely exfoliate the skin. These are better and healthier to use than grainy exfoliants because they don’t tear up and irritate the skin. If used, you can get ride of those pointless dead skin cells, liven up newer and healthier skin, and consequently gain back that smooth, light skin that used to be there.


Though the reduction of bags is purely for a cosmetic adjustment, once removed, they can ease up your daily routine vastly. For example, if you don’t get enough sleep, you not only wake up tired, but everyone knows. Even worse, it makes putting makeup on much more difficult, eliminating any chance of getting rid of them with cover up. The good news? Fixing them doesn’t require buying any expensive creams, serums, or tools. There are simple changes in your daily routine that could expel the swell!

The Solution

As allergies irritate the eyes and the skin, doctors suggest to avoid anything your body may react adversely to. Furthermore, sleep is important for many reasons, this being one of them. By sleeping well and with your head above the rest of your body, you reduce the chance of blood pooling around that area and causing inflammation. Finally, if you can’t avoid these two things and find you face puffy, a simple cool compress will get rid of the swelling. Chill a cloth in the refrigerator and apply it to your face while relaxing. Problem solved!

Dry SkinEye'm in Pain: Skin Problems Under Your Eyes

Dry and flaky skin is a cause for concern. Often easily missed when moisturizing the face, the sensitive skin beneath your eyes can easily be ignored. Also due to their fragile manor, they can get dehydrated easily, causing the skin to peel and flake. Consequently, the skin becomes red, irritated and more susceptible to other issues.

The Solution

Next time you moisturize, just make sure you don’t forget about the skin that needs it most. Reach below those eyes and avoid pain, discomfort, and redness. Moisturizers with glycerin are better for this job than those without.

Dark Circles

The skin below your eyes is so thin that the veins beneath it can be seen through the top layer of skin. This is what causes darkened circles. Luckily, there is a safe way to thicken that skin so you can have a “thick skin” and not worry about what others see.

The Solution

Doctors suggest that any moisturizers with alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, vitamin K or vitamin C are great for this job. They contract the vessels, making them smaller and less noticeable, and hydrate the skin so that it thickens.

So, while a lot of the issues that come with the thin skin below your eyes are unavoidable, there are ways to control them. With good moisturizers, sleep, cold compresses and exfoliants, you can look younger, healthier and can feel more confident.

Look Younger With Natural Fat Lipids

Look Younger With – you heard it – ‘Fat’

Well, not fat exactly. But, very similar.

As we get older our skin gets noticeably thinner. It can become dry, cracked and swollen leaving you in pain and leaving your overall confidence at a deficit. You begin to look in the mirror and see a face you may not recognize. You see this in thin lips, wrinkles, crows feet, forehead wrinkles and whatever else you see in your nightmares. The solution? Phytoceramides.

The What:

Look Younger With- you heard it- FatAs mentioned, Phytoceramides are a type of fat-lipids to be exact. These lipids maintain hydration and elasticity in skin. So, as we age, it follows that these miracle fats decrease and our skin sags, becoming dry, itchy and painfully cracked.

Japan has used this as a beauty regime for centuries, making it a popular ancient remedy. And, lucky for us, it is found in everyday plants and relatively easy to harvest.

We get phytoceramides from plants like sweet potatoes, wheat and rice. Oddly enough, these plant oils are much alike to cells found in our skin’s membranes, making them successful at mimicking their function in our body.

The How:

You may very well be wondering exactly how these plant oils could possibly serve in hydrating and maintaining healthy skin cells in humans. Taken directly from the plant, these lipids are transferred into pills.

Most effectively, they are taken orally. As opposed to certain topical creams, these pills send phytoceramides through the bloodstream, eventually delivering them directly to our skin cells. This penetrates much further than the creams on the outside of our tough epidermis.

Though they have been used in Japan for centuries, they have just been approved by the FDA. If you maintain a regular routine, you will see younger, plumper, hydrated skin. What you will not notice anymore is painful dryness, irritating itchiness or unfortunate inflammation.

Adding this to your daily diet, pill schedule or supplement routine would be a quick and easy fix to those wrinkles you have been dreading, or those wrinkles you have been dying to reverse.

The When:Look Younger With- you heard it- Fat

So, now that you are hooked, the right question is when is the best and most proper time to use this miracle supplement? With a daily dose of 350 mg, you are playing it safe. Though you may be excited, you most likely will not notice much difference for a month.

It should be carefully noted that, as they come from wheat, those with a wheat sensitivity, Celiac’s disease or gluten-free diet may experience allergic reactions or discomfort. But, don’t worry, if you are someone who likes to avoid gluten, you can simply substitute a supplement made ONLY from sweet potatoes and rice. It will still produce satisfying results.

As phytoceramides are a relatively newer drug, their use is still being studied and perfected. Though many people still search fruitlessly for a magic way to look younger, thinner, healthier or whatever you may desire, this is a good solution in the meantime. It may not magically transform you into a whole new person, but that is the point! Get a healthier you, while still being … well, you!

Can Phytoceramides Make You Look Young?

What Exactly Are Phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides have been recently approved by the FDA and can now be safely and undeniably be used in the fight against skin aging. They’re being called ‘a natural Botox’ and are now threatening a multi-million industry which is largely based on Botox treatments and other invasive dermatological practices. The latter include lifting surgery, which is popular particularly among women past the age of 40.

Some Interesting Facts About Phytoceramides

  • ceramides are natural compounds of the skin
  • their main role is to preserve the elasticity of the skin tissue
  • as we age, we start losing part of our ceramides, which leads to wrinkling and dehydration

miracle-phytoceramidesPhytoceramides were first tested in the university of Osaka, of which the science team joined efforts in discovering a way of developing an oral product that’s based on the same compounds. After having perfected a prototype drug, the team performed a human testing process on 33 individuals. Out of these, 6 were men and 27 women. They were all given a daily dose of phytoceramides for a time period of up to 6 weeks. In fact, people wanting to start the treatment should know that it doesn’t last for a couple of days and could range between 4 and even 10 weeks.

The test tried to prove the power of phytoceramides of repairing the skin and of hiding wrinkles. Surprisingly enough, it worked: after 6 whole weeks, testers noticed changes in the way they saw and felt their skin. It was softer and lighter and it resembled the one of a younger person.

Have Phytoceramides Been Tested In The Past?

A product that largely resembled a moisturizer was indeed developed in the past. It was known for its beneficial effects, but there was always the question as to whether the product would work from the inside. Considered to be a natural fountain of youth, phytoceramides can now enhance the look of your skin if you only take a capsule every morning. Moreover, they also turn the skin into a protective layer that acts as a blocker for radiations.

clinical-trials-imagePhytoceramides come from plants. This is the main difference when comparing the ones that currently exist on the market and that can therefore be purchased by any regular individual and the ones from our own bodies. The latter are organic products of a mammal and therefore have nothing in common with the ones belonging to plants. In spite of their different nature, the both are still ceramides and will have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Since the product originates from plants, two American doctors recommend patients to be careful when it comes to gluten intolerance, People that are aware of their health issues must refrain from purchasing the medication because gluten intolerance is no joke and may pose a great risk to your life. Phytoceramides might have great results, but there really is no point in worsening your condition.

What’s The Dosage?

Although the treatment might last up to 10 or even 12 weeks, the daily intake shouldn’t surpass 350 mg. This is the dose that has been recommended time and time again by various physicians. While we’re at it, it also wouldn’t hurt you have a talk with your doctor before buying some phytoceramides.

Phytoceramides: Origins and Ingredient Contents

Where Do Phytoceramides Come From?

Phytoceramide is a type of ceramide manufactured from plant sources. One of the main elements that keep our skin youthful is ceramide. It is moisture locking waxy lipid molecule composed of a sphingoid connected to a fatty acid. Present in high concentration in cell membranes, ceramides are mostly found in the outermost layer (sratum corneum) of the epidermis. They protect the skin against UV radiations, pollutants, infections by blocking the ingress of microorganisms, preventing the evaporation of water and by stimulating the production of collagen. Not only they are necessary for the freshness of skin, they are of great importance to help maintain healthy looking hair and nails as well. However, with every passing year, there is a marked reduction of ceramides in the body leading to loss of youthful appearance and formation of wrinkles.

Phytoceramides are taken orally to recharge the skin with ceramides. Plant-based ceramides are also found naturally in foodstuff such as rice, wheat, brand, sweet potatoes, soy and spinach. A healthy diet along with regular intake of dietary supplement can greatly improve your look.

Ingredients Of Phytoceramides And How Do They Help You

Phytoceramide supplements has the following elements:

  • Phytoceramide Complex (produced from wheat extract and gluten-free rice and sweet potato extracts)
  • Gelatin
  • A Review of Phytoceramides and its IngredientsRice Bran Oil (non-GMO)
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Plant Sterols
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

Food Administration and Drugs (FDA) has carefully inquired into the ingredients and after close inspection, they reached the conclusion that the supplements are safe and non-toxic.

Ingredients such as plant sterols and phytoceramide complex (produced from wheat extract and gluten-free rice and sweet potato extracts) are the main and active parts of the supplements. When taken orally on a regular basis, they penetrate deep into the skin and try to replenish the source of ceramides.

Although vitamins are not a major part of the pills, their inclusion can boost the reaction. Additionally, vitamins have a positive effect on hair, nails and overall health of a person.

How Much Phytoceramide Should You Take In A Day?

In oral form, a single 350 mg capsule once a day is recommended. The liquid capsule can be taken with a glass of water about half an hour before meal.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Phytoceramide?

A Review of Phytoceramides and its IngredientsIf taken in a recommended dose, phytoceramide supplements are very safe with no adverse reactions. Individuals who are gluten-intolerant should take rice or sweet potato based pills instead of wheat-based ones. Due to a lack of study, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid the drug.

Price Of Phytoceramides

Phytoceramides are moderately priced. Their prices rise and drop according to the popularity, quality, quantity and company.

Is There Any Guarantee?

Other than a couple of companies, none of the manufacturers are offering money-back guarantee.

Conclusion – Is Phytoceramide Safe To Use?

According to FDA and several studies, the ingredients found in phytoceramide supplements are regarded safe for consumption. However, it is too early to say if they are really as effectual as they claim to be.

Phytoceramides: A Review

Phytoceramides: A Review of New Plant-Based Anti-Aging Ceramides

Before we launch into the benefits of Phytoceramides, let’s talk about its origin and basic properties. Phytoceramides pills are generally new to the market, and plenty of people don’t have a clue about them. So exactly what are they? Phytoceramides belongs to a family of waxy lipid molecules called Ceramides. Ceramides are found in high concentrations in cell membranes, especially in the epidermis of skin. They are basically God-sent molecules that prevent excessive loss of water through evaporation and entry of micro-organisms. They keep our skin naturally glowy, fresh and smooth. Sadly, all good things come to an end. Ceramides tend to decrease as we age, and as a result we lose the younger and plumper look.Phytoceramides: A Review of New Plant-Based Anti-Aging Ceramides

People have been using Ceramides for a very long time. There are numerous creams, ointments, hair products, supplements and food that contain the rejuvenating lipid. However, they are all derived animal sources. Phytoceramides are exclusive in a way that they come from purely non-animal sources. They are produced by extracts of vegetables and crops such as sweet potatoes, wheat and rice.

A short time ago, FDA approved the use of Phytoceramides as a dietary supplement. As FDA has given it clearance, we can deduce that the pill is safe to use. The question is if the pills really have the ability to slow down and reverse the aging process? Let’s find out.

What are the Common Ingredients in Phytoceramide Supplements?

Phytoceramide Supplements contain a number of quality ingredients, such as:

  • Phytoceramide Complex – Most commonly produced from wheat. Gluten free pills are made from rice, bran or sweet potatoes.
  • Gelatin
  • Rice Bran Oil (non-GMO)Phytoceramides: A Review of New Plant-Based Anti-Aging Ceramides
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Plant Sterols

Some manufacturers also add:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

What is the Recommended Dose of Phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides are available in liquid capsule form. Take one 350 mg capsule 30 minutes before meal once a day or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Do Phytoceramides Have Any Side Effects?

Phytoceramide Supplements are plant-based and show little or no side effects. They might be risky in certain conditions though. If you are gluten-intolerant, then you must keep away from wheat-based supplements to avoid any severe allergic reaction. Instead, you can take rice or sweet potato ones. Moreover, studies regarding its safety in pregnancy and nursing are negligible. It’s recommended that you pass up phytoceramides if you are expecting or breastfeeding.

What’s the Price of Phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides: A Review of New Plant-Based Anti-Aging CeramidesPrices differ from product to product. Phytoceramide supplements are rather inexpensive as compared to anti-aging creams. Many manufacturers are currently offering coupons and great discounts on their online stores. Beware of phony markets that are spamming all over the internet.

What’s the Guarantee That Phytoceramides will Work?

Phytoceramides supplement is not a wonder product and there is no guarantee that it will totally reverse the anti-aging effect. I checked Amazon stores and found out that some brands do offer 100% money-back guarantee. Please keep in mind that it takes at least 6 weeks for results to show up.

My Takeaway on Phytoceramides

Before we come to the conclusion, let’s weigh the pros and cons of Phytoceramides. They are cheap, plant-based, long lasting, safe and user-friendly. With time they will certainly help in the revivification of skin, control acne and reduce blemishes and redness. On the other hand, there is little research to validate its accuracy. On the whole, we can’t deny that Phytocermaides are far better and safer than expensive chemical-laden skin care products. As the pills are kind of new in the market, very few people have heard about them. I think once the word gets out of their advantages, people will show more interest.