What Exactly Are Phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides have been recently approved by the FDA and can now be safely and undeniably be used in the fight against skin aging. They’re being called ‘a natural Botox’ and are now threatening a multi-million industry which is largely based on Botox treatments and other invasive dermatological practices. The latter include lifting surgery, which is popular particularly among women past the age of 40.

Some Interesting Facts About Phytoceramides

  • ceramides are natural compounds of the skin
  • their main role is to preserve the elasticity of the skin tissue
  • as we age, we start losing part of our ceramides, which leads to wrinkling and dehydration

miracle-phytoceramidesPhytoceramides were first tested in the university of Osaka, of which the science team joined efforts in discovering a way of developing an oral product that’s based on the same compounds. After having perfected a prototype drug, the team performed a human testing process on 33 individuals. Out of these, 6 were men and 27 women. They were all given a daily dose of phytoceramides for a time period of up to 6 weeks. In fact, people wanting to start the treatment should know that it doesn’t last for a couple of days and could range between 4 and even 10 weeks.

The test tried to prove the power of phytoceramides of repairing the skin and of hiding wrinkles. Surprisingly enough, it worked: after 6 whole weeks, testers noticed changes in the way they saw and felt their skin. It was softer and lighter and it resembled the one of a younger person.

Have Phytoceramides Been Tested In The Past?

A product that largely resembled a moisturizer was indeed developed in the past. It was known for its beneficial effects, but there was always the question as to whether the product would work from the inside. Considered to be a natural fountain of youth, phytoceramides can now enhance the look of your skin if you only take a capsule every morning. Moreover, they also turn the skin into a protective layer that acts as a blocker for radiations.

clinical-trials-imagePhytoceramides come from plants. This is the main difference when comparing the ones that currently exist on the market and that can therefore be purchased by any regular individual and the ones from our own bodies. The latter are organic products of a mammal and therefore have nothing in common with the ones belonging to plants. In spite of their different nature, the both are still ceramides and will have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Since the product originates from plants, two American doctors recommend patients to be careful when it comes to gluten intolerance, People that are aware of their health issues must refrain from purchasing the medication because gluten intolerance is no joke and may pose a great risk to your life. Phytoceramides might have great results, but there really is no point in worsening your condition.

What’s The Dosage?

Although the treatment might last up to 10 or even 12 weeks, the daily intake shouldn’t surpass 350 mg. This is the dose that has been recommended time and time again by various physicians. While we’re at it, it also wouldn’t hurt you have a talk with your doctor before buying some phytoceramides.