Look Younger With – you heard it – ‘Fat’

Well, not fat exactly. But, very similar.

As we get older our skin gets noticeably thinner. It can become dry, cracked and swollen leaving you in pain and leaving your overall confidence at a deficit. You begin to look in the mirror and see a face you may not recognize. You see this in thin lips, wrinkles, crows feet, forehead wrinkles and whatever else you see in your nightmares. The solution? Phytoceramides.

The What:

Look Younger With- you heard it- FatAs mentioned, Phytoceramides are a type of fat-lipids to be exact. These lipids maintain hydration and elasticity in skin. So, as we age, it follows that these miracle fats decrease and our skin sags, becoming dry, itchy and painfully cracked.

Japan has used this as a beauty regime for centuries, making it a popular ancient remedy. And, lucky for us, it is found in everyday plants and relatively easy to harvest.

We get phytoceramides from plants like sweet potatoes, wheat and rice. Oddly enough, these plant oils are much alike to cells found in our skin’s membranes, making them successful at mimicking their function in our body.

The How:

You may very well be wondering exactly how these plant oils could possibly serve in hydrating and maintaining healthy skin cells in humans. Taken directly from the plant, these lipids are transferred into pills.

Most effectively, they are taken orally. As opposed to certain topical creams, these pills send phytoceramides through the bloodstream, eventually delivering them directly to our skin cells. This penetrates much further than the creams on the outside of our tough epidermis.

Though they have been used in Japan for centuries, they have just been approved by the FDA. If you maintain a regular routine, you will see younger, plumper, hydrated skin. What you will not notice anymore is painful dryness, irritating itchiness or unfortunate inflammation.

Adding this to your daily diet, pill schedule or supplement routine would be a quick and easy fix to those wrinkles you have been dreading, or those wrinkles you have been dying to reverse.

The When:Look Younger With- you heard it- Fat

So, now that you are hooked, the right question is when is the best and most proper time to use this miracle supplement? With a daily dose of 350 mg, you are playing it safe. Though you may be excited, you most likely will not notice much difference for a month.

It should be carefully noted that, as they come from wheat, those with a wheat sensitivity, Celiac’s disease or gluten-free diet may experience allergic reactions or discomfort. But, don’t worry, if you are someone who likes to avoid gluten, you can simply substitute a supplement made ONLY from sweet potatoes and rice. It will still produce satisfying results.

As phytoceramides are a relatively newer drug, their use is still being studied and perfected. Though many people still search fruitlessly for a magic way to look younger, thinner, healthier or whatever you may desire, this is a good solution in the meantime. It may not magically transform you into a whole new person, but that is the point! Get a healthier you, while still being … well, you!