Saggy Skin tackled from Within: Phytoceramides’ Skill

People go to great lengths to remain with a healthy, hydrated, wrinkle-free face. Sadly, the pressure to do so has left many wallets deft of the warm companionship of dollar bills. People spend hundreds on supposed skin-lifting miracle creams, while the solution is much easier and a whole lot cheaper. The solution to our saggy skin struggles is the supplement of phytocermides.

What Are Phytoceramides?

In understanding what phytoceramides are, we must break down the word into halves. The suffix, ceramides, will help us understand these crucial face fats.

Saggy Skin tackled from Within: Phytoceramides' SkillThat is correct! Ceramides are the lipids that comprise of the upper-most layer of skin. The younger you are, the more of them you have, which explains why our faces and lips thin out as we age. As a youth, your skin is made up of approximately 60 percent ceramides. While they keep your skin hydrated and healthy. More importantly, they protect the lower layers from infection and unwanted outside dangers. So, while it protects you, it also keeps your skin healthy and youthful.

The prefix Phyto stands for plant. So, it follows that Phytoceramides are the plant based lipids of ceramides. Thus they are chemically identical to cermides. Japan’s culture has recognized their value and has been using them for centuries by harvesting them from wheat and rice. Luckily for other cultures, the FDA has given them the go-ahead. People can now take them by mouth in pill capsules.

Why We Lack Them

There are several things in our daily lives- routines, environment, nature- that cause our skin to lose the necessary phytoceramide levels to maintain healthy skin.

Firstly, as you age, the amount of ceramides in your system naturally decreases. In turn, your skin lacks moisture and thus is less buoyant and hydrated. Hence, the painful cracked, dry or flaky appearance of your skin.

Soaking up the sun doesn’t help the issue of dry or cracked skin as it decreases moisture. Very similarly, environmental pollutants can be an underlying cause of unhealthy skin.

This causes the insecure panic of a frantic middle-aged person who fears the inevitable process of aging. This anti-aging chaos causing panic is what feeds millions of dollars to the skin-care industry every year. Often leaving the victims paying high costs for methods that leave them unsatisfied. There is a solution to this.


Saggy Skin tackled from Within: Phytoceramides' SkillPhytoceramides have been proven to be the best way to improve the look of your skin through their ability to rehydrate the skin. People are sometimes surprised at heir uncanny ability to cure their saggy skin issues, making wrinkles seemingly disappear.

When taken orally, they target the bloodstream. Eventually they reach the epidermis, or that outermost layer of skin, restoring years of damage.  It has been said that if taken correctly it can significantly decrease your age in appearance dropping “a decade off your face”, as one famous clinician has said.  Furthermore, scientists and plastic surgeons alike support the claims that using phytoceramides can significantly improve the look of your skin.

It should also be carefully noted that Phytoceramides don’t only reverse aging effects on your face, they serve the rest of the body well also. You will notice that the unwanted, damaged, scaly or flaky skin anywhere else on your body disappear.


Though the FDA has approved this skin supplement, there are certain ingredients you should be wary of. If you have Celiac’s disease or a sensitivity to wheat, you should ask the health store worker, a doctor, or a nutritionist about supplements that are wheat free. There is no cause to worry, though, because there are rice-based pills you may substitute.

It has been studied, and taking the pills orally is more effective than applying creams that contain phytoceramides. As far as safety concerns, other than being gluten-free, there are no known risks in ingesting this supplement. Within 4 weeks of consistently taking the pill (350mg with food), you should see signs of improvement.