Phytoceramides & Eyes Problems

Eye’m in Pain: Skin Problems Under Your Eyes

The skin beneath your eyes can be extremely irritable. This is because the nature of its thickness. It makes the skin very susceptible to certain disorders, ones that can be painful and leave the person feeling insecure about their appearance. There is hope, though! If you know how to correctly care for your skin and do so routinely, you can avoid some of the following painful or irritating skin disorders.

Skin DiscolorationEye'm in Pain: Skin Problems Under Your Eyes

Dead or useless skin cells can increase and cause a brownish discolored area below your eyes. Certain factors in the environment can also cause this skin tone dysfunction. The sun often damages the fragile layer of skin, sometimes unavoidably. Whatever the cause, as there are many, it can make you look tired or older.

The Solution

There are safe chemicals you can buy, alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid,  that will safely exfoliate the skin. These are better and healthier to use than grainy exfoliants because they don’t tear up and irritate the skin. If used, you can get ride of those pointless dead skin cells, liven up newer and healthier skin, and consequently gain back that smooth, light skin that used to be there.


Though the reduction of bags is purely for a cosmetic adjustment, once removed, they can ease up your daily routine vastly. For example, if you don’t get enough sleep, you not only wake up tired, but everyone knows. Even worse, it makes putting makeup on much more difficult, eliminating any chance of getting rid of them with cover up. The good news? Fixing them doesn’t require buying any expensive creams, serums, or tools. There are simple changes in your daily routine that could expel the swell!

The Solution

As allergies irritate the eyes and the skin, doctors suggest to avoid anything your body may react adversely to. Furthermore, sleep is important for many reasons, this being one of them. By sleeping well and with your head above the rest of your body, you reduce the chance of blood pooling around that area and causing inflammation. Finally, if you can’t avoid these two things and find you face puffy, a simple cool compress will get rid of the swelling. Chill a cloth in the refrigerator and apply it to your face while relaxing. Problem solved!

Dry SkinEye'm in Pain: Skin Problems Under Your Eyes

Dry and flaky skin is a cause for concern. Often easily missed when moisturizing the face, the sensitive skin beneath your eyes can easily be ignored. Also due to their fragile manor, they can get dehydrated easily, causing the skin to peel and flake. Consequently, the skin becomes red, irritated and more susceptible to other issues.

The Solution

Next time you moisturize, just make sure you don’t forget about the skin that needs it most. Reach below those eyes and avoid pain, discomfort, and redness. Moisturizers with glycerin are better for this job than those without.

Dark Circles

The skin below your eyes is so thin that the veins beneath it can be seen through the top layer of skin. This is what causes darkened circles. Luckily, there is a safe way to thicken that skin so you can have a “thick skin” and not worry about what others see.

The Solution

Doctors suggest that any moisturizers with alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, vitamin K or vitamin C are great for this job. They contract the vessels, making them smaller and less noticeable, and hydrate the skin so that it thickens.

So, while a lot of the issues that come with the thin skin below your eyes are unavoidable, there are ways to control them. With good moisturizers, sleep, cold compresses and exfoliants, you can look younger, healthier and can feel more confident.

Saggy Skin Tackled from Within

Saggy Skin tackled from Within: Phytoceramides’ Skill

People go to great lengths to remain with a healthy, hydrated, wrinkle-free face. Sadly, the pressure to do so has left many wallets deft of the warm companionship of dollar bills. People spend hundreds on supposed skin-lifting miracle creams, while the solution is much easier and a whole lot cheaper. The solution to our saggy skin struggles is the supplement of phytocermides.

What Are Phytoceramides?

In understanding what phytoceramides are, we must break down the word into halves. The suffix, ceramides, will help us understand these crucial face fats.

Saggy Skin tackled from Within: Phytoceramides' SkillThat is correct! Ceramides are the lipids that comprise of the upper-most layer of skin. The younger you are, the more of them you have, which explains why our faces and lips thin out as we age. As a youth, your skin is made up of approximately 60 percent ceramides. While they keep your skin hydrated and healthy. More importantly, they protect the lower layers from infection and unwanted outside dangers. So, while it protects you, it also keeps your skin healthy and youthful.

The prefix Phyto stands for plant. So, it follows that Phytoceramides are the plant based lipids of ceramides. Thus they are chemically identical to cermides. Japan’s culture has recognized their value and has been using them for centuries by harvesting them from wheat and rice. Luckily for other cultures, the FDA has given them the go-ahead. People can now take them by mouth in pill capsules.

Why We Lack Them

There are several things in our daily lives- routines, environment, nature- that cause our skin to lose the necessary phytoceramide levels to maintain healthy skin.

Firstly, as you age, the amount of ceramides in your system naturally decreases. In turn, your skin lacks moisture and thus is less buoyant and hydrated. Hence, the painful cracked, dry or flaky appearance of your skin.

Soaking up the sun doesn’t help the issue of dry or cracked skin as it decreases moisture. Very similarly, environmental pollutants can be an underlying cause of unhealthy skin.

This causes the insecure panic of a frantic middle-aged person who fears the inevitable process of aging. This anti-aging chaos causing panic is what feeds millions of dollars to the skin-care industry every year. Often leaving the victims paying high costs for methods that leave them unsatisfied. There is a solution to this.


Saggy Skin tackled from Within: Phytoceramides' SkillPhytoceramides have been proven to be the best way to improve the look of your skin through their ability to rehydrate the skin. People are sometimes surprised at heir uncanny ability to cure their saggy skin issues, making wrinkles seemingly disappear.

When taken orally, they target the bloodstream. Eventually they reach the epidermis, or that outermost layer of skin, restoring years of damage.  It has been said that if taken correctly it can significantly decrease your age in appearance dropping “a decade off your face”, as one famous clinician has said.  Furthermore, scientists and plastic surgeons alike support the claims that using phytoceramides can significantly improve the look of your skin.

It should also be carefully noted that Phytoceramides don’t only reverse aging effects on your face, they serve the rest of the body well also. You will notice that the unwanted, damaged, scaly or flaky skin anywhere else on your body disappear.


Though the FDA has approved this skin supplement, there are certain ingredients you should be wary of. If you have Celiac’s disease or a sensitivity to wheat, you should ask the health store worker, a doctor, or a nutritionist about supplements that are wheat free. There is no cause to worry, though, because there are rice-based pills you may substitute.

It has been studied, and taking the pills orally is more effective than applying creams that contain phytoceramides. As far as safety concerns, other than being gluten-free, there are no known risks in ingesting this supplement. Within 4 weeks of consistently taking the pill (350mg with food), you should see signs of improvement.

Phytoceramides Premium Review

This product is highly acclaimed for its unmatched fast acting attributes, which can largely be attributed to its unique and extremely potent blend of ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, D and E. Which along with the rice derived phytoceramides can effortlessly restore the suppleness and radiance of skin in a remarkably short period of time. In just under one week of usage you will be able to notice very visible changes on the appearance of your skin.


This product contains Phytoceramides from wheat extract oil.  Formulated to include Vitamin E as well as A, C and D with no added fillers, binders, preservatives or additives.


One is supposed to have one capsule daily before meals with a glass of water.

Possible Side Effects

Although no side effects are listed for this product, it is advised that pregnant women or those nursing should not take this supplement without consulting a doctor. Children under the age of 18 years as well as those people who are suffering from a medical condition should not take this supplement until and unless they consult a doctor. Additionally, these kinds of phytoceramides are totally devoid of gluten which makes them even suitable to individuals whose bodies’ develop allergies from contact with this substance


There are several buying options that are available for a customer.  For one bottle you can buy it for $48. There is an option of buying two bottles and getting one free for a price of $91. Anotehr option is of buying two bottles and getting two bottles free for a price of $112. The best seller option is of buying three bottles and getting three bottles free for a price of $138.


Should you not be satisfied with the results of this anti-aging skincare solution, it comes with a full thirty days money back guarantee with no questions asked. It is thus quite evident just how this invaluable to persons that struggle with the adverse appearance of ageing and even hypersensitive skin. This one of a kind product is manufactured under the most strictest conditions in the US in a fully FDA approved facility. This goes to effectually underscore the high levels of professional due diligence that this company integrates in the manufacturing of these phytoceramides capsules.


Like earlier stated, this wheat-derived product, that also features other great vitamins in its overall formulation, is highly noted for its unmatched fast acting properties. And within just a few days after use, you will be able to see a conspicuous difference on the appearance of your skin, and particularly that of your face. The good customer reviews that can be found on the product site, as well as mainstream shopping websites are proof of the popularity and success of Phytoceramides Premium.

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Can Phytoceramides Make You Look Young?

What Exactly Are Phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides have been recently approved by the FDA and can now be safely and undeniably be used in the fight against skin aging. They’re being called ‘a natural Botox’ and are now threatening a multi-million industry which is largely based on Botox treatments and other invasive dermatological practices. The latter include lifting surgery, which is popular particularly among women past the age of 40.

Some Interesting Facts About Phytoceramides

  • ceramides are natural compounds of the skin
  • their main role is to preserve the elasticity of the skin tissue
  • as we age, we start losing part of our ceramides, which leads to wrinkling and dehydration

miracle-phytoceramidesPhytoceramides were first tested in the university of Osaka, of which the science team joined efforts in discovering a way of developing an oral product that’s based on the same compounds. After having perfected a prototype drug, the team performed a human testing process on 33 individuals. Out of these, 6 were men and 27 women. They were all given a daily dose of phytoceramides for a time period of up to 6 weeks. In fact, people wanting to start the treatment should know that it doesn’t last for a couple of days and could range between 4 and even 10 weeks.

The test tried to prove the power of phytoceramides of repairing the skin and of hiding wrinkles. Surprisingly enough, it worked: after 6 whole weeks, testers noticed changes in the way they saw and felt their skin. It was softer and lighter and it resembled the one of a younger person.

Have Phytoceramides Been Tested In The Past?

A product that largely resembled a moisturizer was indeed developed in the past. It was known for its beneficial effects, but there was always the question as to whether the product would work from the inside. Considered to be a natural fountain of youth, phytoceramides can now enhance the look of your skin if you only take a capsule every morning. Moreover, they also turn the skin into a protective layer that acts as a blocker for radiations.

clinical-trials-imagePhytoceramides come from plants. This is the main difference when comparing the ones that currently exist on the market and that can therefore be purchased by any regular individual and the ones from our own bodies. The latter are organic products of a mammal and therefore have nothing in common with the ones belonging to plants. In spite of their different nature, the both are still ceramides and will have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Since the product originates from plants, two American doctors recommend patients to be careful when it comes to gluten intolerance, People that are aware of their health issues must refrain from purchasing the medication because gluten intolerance is no joke and may pose a great risk to your life. Phytoceramides might have great results, but there really is no point in worsening your condition.

What’s The Dosage?

Although the treatment might last up to 10 or even 12 weeks, the daily intake shouldn’t surpass 350 mg. This is the dose that has been recommended time and time again by various physicians. While we’re at it, it also wouldn’t hurt you have a talk with your doctor before buying some phytoceramides.

Healthy Life Brand Phytoceramides Review

Healthy Life Brand Phytoceramides products are of the highest quality because of the strict regulation under which Healthy Life Brands functions. Each and every capsule of Healthy Life Brand Phytoceramides is manufactured in the USA under the most hygienic standards possible and are made with the best of the best materials. With Healthy Brand Phytoceramides, you will feel and look younger.

Healthy Life Brand Phytoceramides are easily and directly absorbed into the skin. They do not have to be synthesized in the body. Instead of getting raw materials and having the body make the finished product, as with most supplements, with Healthy Life Brand Phytoceramides, you will directly receive the final finished product. They slow down the aging process and give your youth and beauty a life extension.


  • Phytoceramides 350mg (wheat-derived)
  • Vitamin A       5000 IU
  • Vitamin C       60mg
  • Vitamin D       400 IU
  • Vitamin E        30 IU

No other ingredients are listed for Healthy Life Brand Phytoceramides. This product does not contain any artificial additives and/or fillers.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended daily dosage is one pill once per day.

There are no known phytoceramides side effects because they’re an all-natural product.

With ongoing usage, phytoceramides can be used to produce long-term results


Healthy Life Brand Phytoceramides costs $18.36 for a 30-day supply. Compared to other phytoceramides products, this is a somewhat cheaper price. (The regular price of this product is $36.76, but it’s being offered at a discount price) The fact that this product is priced significantly lower than the average price of similar phytoceramides products in its class could be a sign that the quality is not the highest. Some companies will lower the price of their product so that they can compete with the similar higher-quality products on the market. In this case, you should consider this fact before you decide to purchase this product. Also, you should always make sure any product you are considering buying comes with a money back guarantee.


Healthy Life Brand offers a no risk, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. The fact that this product offers a good guarantee is a sign that it is most likely a pretty reputable company. However, there is no specified time limit on this product guarantee. The average time limit is 30 days. If this product does not work well for you, you can return it for a full refund.

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Oleavine Phytoceramides Review

Oleavine Phytoceramides are derived from Rice and are a gluten free phytoceramides source. They are an all-natural source of  phytoceramides which have been being used as a popular Japanese beauty secret for decades.

Ceramide-PCD is the star-patented ingredient in Oleavine Phytoceramides. It has been clinically proven to help reduce both wrinkle and fine line appearances. It increases the moisture of the skin, supports healthy skin rejuvenation, and supports the regeneration of skin cells from the inside out.

Rice Phytoceramides vs. Wheat and Yam ceramides- wheat-derived ceramides got major U.S. attention first. However rice-derived ceramides have been shown in studies to be more effective than both wheat-based and yam-based ceramides, even at smaller dosages.

Oleavine Phytoceramides formula is one of the best phytoceramides formula available. This product is 100% all-natural. It does not contains any artificial additives or fillers.


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • 40 mg rice-derived ceramide-pcd

There are no other ingredients listed in the Oleavine Pyhtoceramides formula.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended daily dosage is one 40mg pill every day

Not all phytoceramides products are created equal. The 40mg rice-derived ceramide-pcd is not found in every phytoceramides product.

There are no reported or known phytoceramides side effects. Phytoceramides are 100% all-natural products.

When used over a long period of time, phytoceramides can be used to produce long-term results


Oleavine Phytoceramides are $10.00 for a 30-day supply. Compared to other phytoceramides products, this price is a very cheap price. The extremely low price makes you wonder about the true effectiveness of this product and why it is offered for so little. (The list price is 39.95 but it being sold at a 75% discount)

When companies offer products at drastically lower prices than the prices of other similar products on the market, this could sometimes indicate that that company is promoting and/or selling a shoddy, lower-quality product. In this case, you should always check for a products guarantee, and if the product has a strong guarantee, it could still be worth trying out. You should take all of this into consideration before purchasing this or any other phytoceramides product.


This product comes with a 90-day, empty the bottle money back guarantee. This guarantee is a very good guarantee compared to some of the average product guarantees of similar products. The average length of a product guarantee is usually 30 days. In this case, Oleavine Phytoceramides product guarantee is 3 times as long as the average guarantee time length. This is something that can be considered if you are thinking about buying this product.

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KRK Supplements Phytoceramides Review

It contains an advanced phytoceramides formulation. KRK Supplements phytoceramides promote healthy skin and support optimal hydration levels that protect the surface of the skin. Their potent anti-aging formula is designed to aid the health and structural integrity of the skin. What is so special about the KRK Supplements Phytoceramides formula is that it contains 350mg of phytoceramides per veggie capsule. These plant-based lipids help keep your hydration levels where they should be, which gives your skin the best protection for the long haul and keeps it healthy inside and out.


  • Vitamin A 5000 IU
  • Vitamin C 60 MG
  • Vitamin D 400 IU
  • Vitamin E 30 IU
  • 350 mg plant-derived phytoceramides
  • No artificial additives or fillers

Recommended Dosage

The recommended daily dosage is one capsule per day.

There are no known phytoceramides side effects because they’re an all-natural product.

With ongoing usage, phytoceramides can be used to produce long-term results


KRK Supplements Phytoceramides are $9.99 for a 90-day supply. Compared to other phytoceramides products, this is an extremely cheap price. (The regular price is 27.99 but it’s being offered at a 64% discount price) With the price being so cheap, it may make you want to question whether or not the quality of this product is up to high standards. Sometimes, sellers will promote a shoddy product at a drastically lower price in order to compete with similar products on the market. This is something you should consider when deciding if you should purchase this product.


This product comes with only an “unopened bottle” return offer. You can only return this bottle if it has not been opened or used. You have 30 days to return the unopened bottle. This guarantee is not is good one because if the product does not work for you, you are stuck with it anyway. You cannot try the product without opening the bottle. however, once the bottle has been opened, you cannot return the products- even if it does not live up to to your expectations.

This is something that should be taken into consideration before you decide whether or not to purchase this product. Most reputable sellers stand behind their products with a much better guarantee. When a seller has faith in a quality product, they will offer their customers a fair chance to decide if the product works for them, and if they are not 100% satisfied with the results they get from the product, they should be able to have their money refunded.

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Phytoceramides For Wrinkle Reduction

Phytoceramides: All Hype Or Something Special?

Lately there has been a lot of hype about using phytoceramides to reverse the process of aging. The supplements are being widely marketed on the internet and on a popular TV show hosted by Dr. Oz. The pill, which is supposed to make you look younger and wrinkle-free in a matter of few weeks, has gotten plenty of people very excited and thrilled. Exactly what is this wonder product?

Origin Of Phytoceramides

Phytoceramides For Wrinkle Reduction: A ReviewPhytoceramides are plant-based ceramides produced from extracts of wheat, rice, bran and sweet potatoes. The fat-based cells are found in abundance in younger skin. Ceramide is basically a natural moisturizer with an antibiotic effect. As human body age, the waxy, youthful lipids are lost little by little each year making skin susceptible to wrinkles, dehydration, dark spots, infections and discolored patches.

In such inevitable situations, Phytoceramides can come handy. The modern dietary supplements claim to revitalize the skin and keep it healthy and youthful.

Common Ingredients In Phytoceramide Supplements

Most common ingredients found in phytoceramide Supplements are:

  • Phytoceramide Complex
  • Gelatin
  • Rice Bran Oil (non-GMO)
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Plant Sterols

Some manufacturers add vitamins to enhance the outcome. Following vitamins are added:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

Recommended Designated Dose Of PhytoceramidePhytoceramides For Wrinkle Reduction: A Review

Phytoceramide supplements are available liquid capsule form. According to manufacturers and healthcare practitioners, a person should take 350 mg capsule once a day at least thirty minutes before mealtime.

Even though the drug has been cleared by Food Administration and Drugs (FDA), very little research has been done on phytoceramides. Till date, no side effects of phytoceramide have been reported. Its ingredients are considered non-toxic and safe to consume.


  • If you happen to be gluten-tolerant, avoid wheat based phytoceramide supplements at all costs. For gluten-sensitive people, supplements made from rice and sweet potatoes are recommended.
  • Precaution should be taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

What Is The Cost Of Phytoceramides?

Although Phytoceramides are not exactly cost-effective, their price is very reasonable if you compare it with other anti-aging products. Obviously, the price will be different for high and low quality products. Moreover, bulk orders are a lot cheaper. Occasionally, many online stores feature discounts and coupons.

Do The Manufacturers Of Phytoceramides Offer Refund?

Right now, very few companies are offering 100% money-back guarantee. In order to be sure about the refund policy, it is better to ask the manufacturer before ordering the supplements.

Will Phytoceramides Improve Your Skin?

To be honest, it has become somewhat of a trend among people to rely on supplements for instant results. If we put mechanism of action into consideration, Phytocermaides do posses a potential to revivify the skin. However, it is not wise to expect spectacular results in a short time. Phytocermaide, like any other drug, will take its time to work, and its effectiveness can depend upon different factors. If you have been taking the supplements on a regular basis, you will most likely notice a visible improvement in your skin, nails and hair.