Oleavine Phytoceramides are derived from Rice and are a gluten free phytoceramides source. They are an all-natural source of  phytoceramides which have been being used as a popular Japanese beauty secret for decades.

Ceramide-PCD is the star-patented ingredient in Oleavine Phytoceramides. It has been clinically proven to help reduce both wrinkle and fine line appearances. It increases the moisture of the skin, supports healthy skin rejuvenation, and supports the regeneration of skin cells from the inside out.

Rice Phytoceramides vs. Wheat and Yam ceramides- wheat-derived ceramides got major U.S. attention first. However rice-derived ceramides have been shown in studies to be more effective than both wheat-based and yam-based ceramides, even at smaller dosages.

Oleavine Phytoceramides formula is one of the best phytoceramides formula available. This product is 100% all-natural. It does not contains any artificial additives or fillers.


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • 40 mg rice-derived ceramide-pcd

There are no other ingredients listed in the Oleavine Pyhtoceramides formula.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended daily dosage is one 40mg pill every day

Not all phytoceramides products are created equal. The 40mg rice-derived ceramide-pcd is not found in every phytoceramides product.

There are no reported or known phytoceramides side effects. Phytoceramides are 100% all-natural products.

When used over a long period of time, phytoceramides can be used to produce long-term results


Oleavine Phytoceramides are $10.00 for a 30-day supply. Compared to other phytoceramides products, this price is a very cheap price. The extremely low price makes you wonder about the true effectiveness of this product and why it is offered for so little. (The list price is 39.95 but it being sold at a 75% discount)

When companies offer products at drastically lower prices than the prices of other similar products on the market, this could sometimes indicate that that company is promoting and/or selling a shoddy, lower-quality product. In this case, you should always check for a products guarantee, and if the product has a strong guarantee, it could still be worth trying out. You should take all of this into consideration before purchasing this or any other phytoceramides product.


This product comes with a 90-day, empty the bottle money back guarantee. This guarantee is a very good guarantee compared to some of the average product guarantees of similar products. The average length of a product guarantee is usually 30 days. In this case, Oleavine Phytoceramides product guarantee is 3 times as long as the average guarantee time length. This is something that can be considered if you are thinking about buying this product.

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