REFRESH Phytoceramides is called the secret for women who are older than they look.

The phytoceramides in REFRESH Phytoceramides are derived from sweet potato and are a gluten-free phytoceramides source. They make your face look clear and refreshed.  They naturally restore the protective skin barrier that old age diminishes.

REFRESH Phytoceramides are made in the USA in GMP certified facilities, giving you the assurance the product is correct, and has the appropriate strength, composition, quality, and purity. Having the appropriate strength increases the potency of REFRESH Phytoceramides. The composition of this product is also second-to-none. The quality of REFRESH Phytoceramides is of the highest available for any phytoceramides product on the market, and the purity of this product is 100%. It is not made with any artificial fillers or additives.

REFRESH Phytoceramides help to reverse the aging process, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and protect skin from future signs of aging.

REFRESH Phytoceramides are gluten free and safe for vegans. They contain vitamins A, C, D and E. These vitamins are a very important part of the REFRESH Phytoceramides formula. When these vitamins are added to any phytoceramides product, they greatly increase the effectiveness and potency of that product, and they also raise the quality and the value of the product.


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • 350 mg sweet potato-derived phytoceramides

There are no other ingredients listed in this product.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended daily dosage is one 350mg  pill every day. This is a dosage is the average dose of many similar phytoceramides products on the market.

There are no known or reported phytoceramides side effects. They are 100% all-natural products.

With ongoing usage, phytoceramides can be used to produce long-term results


REFRESH Phytoceramides are $10.00 for a 30-day supply. Compared to other phytoceramides products, this is a very cheap price. The price makes you wonder about the true effectiveness of this product and why it is offered for so little. (The list price is 39.95 but it is being sold at a 75% discount) Sometimes a company will offer shoddy, lower-quality products at a drastically low price in order to try and compete with some of the other similar products on the market. The fact that REFRESH Phytoceramides is offered at such a low price should be taken into consideration if you are thinking of buying it. Also, look into whether the product offers a guarantee.


This product comes with a 90-day, empty the bottle, money back guarantee. This is a very good guarantee compared to the gurantees offered by other similar phytoceramides products on the market.

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