Ceramides are found in our bodies. More specifically, ceramides are waxy lipid molecules found within the layers of the skin. They help retain tissue moisture for maintaining skin hydration. Ceramides also preserve the elasticity of the skin to keep it smooth and youthful looking. You lose ceramides as you get older. With the loss, begins the onset of the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin damage and dryness. The aging process is very literally the effect of losing ceramides in your skin layers.

Phytoceramides supplements are the latest anti-aging supplement to hit the market. Phytoceramides supplements use wheat extract oil, because plants such as wheat contain ceramide extracts. When these supplements extract and formulate it in their products, it can significantly replenish ceramide levels in humans and reverse the signs of aging. As proof, there is a study published in the 2010 International Journal of Cosmetic Science that verified this claim. The 12-week study showed patients using wheat oil extract had significant increase in skin hydration and an improvement in itching, squamae, roughness and redness.

The good news is that there are many products like Sublime Beauty Phytoceramides that can combat the aging process and leave you healthier feeling and looking skin. You just need to find one that utilizes the right ingredients, dosage and price that is best for you.


There are many Phytoceramides supplements that use many different types of ingredients. Some medicines use herbal remedies or contain only all natural ingredients. Another popular treatment option is a product that contains homeopathic ingredients. The bottom line is that there are many available choices on the market. This product contains the following ingredients:

• Ceramides (Glycolipids, Phytoceramides & Glycosylceramides) – 40 mg

• Vitamin A – 5,000 IU

• Vitamin C – 60 mg

• Vitamin D – 400 IU

Vitamin E – 30 IU

• Vegetable Cellulose

• Rice Flour

Suggested Use

The manufacturer recommends taking one (1) capsule daily with water.

Side Effects

No side effects could be identified for this product. As always, with any medication, supplement or treatment, consult your doctor before use.

The manufacturer warns that if you are pregnant, nursing or on prescription medication to consult your physician before use.


Internet pricing may vary from website to website. At the time of writing this review this product was found at a price of $28.99 for a bottle of 30 capsules, which under the suggested use should last about one month.


Many people want a guarantee as an assurance that if they don’t get the results that they are looking for, they will not be punished. Depending on where you buy this product, individual websites may off their own money-back guarantees.

The manufacturer states that they provide a 100% guarantee for this product but no information concerning the terms of the returns could be found.

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