This product comes as a dual formula: Phytoceramides and Vitamin C Serum. These two products together have been doctor recommended by dermatologists to remove wrinkles from the inside out. Oz Jar Phytoceramides contain the full recommended dosage of plant-derived phytoceramides of 350mg, which is 8x the amount of Rice brands, with no vitamin or sterate fillers.

This product also includes a 1 fl oz organic vitamin C + E + amino + hyaluronic acid Serum- clinical strength 20% vitamin C with vegan hyaluronic acid leaves. 20% vitamin C + E serum is deep-penetrating and leaves your skin radiant and more youthful looking by neutralizing free radicals. It is proven to stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

This product is an ideal choice for people who want to prevent solar damage and fill in or prevent fine lines. This combination of vitamin C and phytoceramides is an anti-aging double-punch. Both skin care ingredients are ideal for those who have sensitive skin, have certain allergies, or just want to stick to a more natural, non-laboratory-created alternative to common anti-aging creams.

This product is plant-derived, non-synthetic and GMO Free. Manufactured and bottled in the USA in GMP & NSF certified facilities. 3rd party HPLC tested


  • Phytoceramides 350mg
  • Vitamin A       5000 IU
  • Vitamin C       60mg
  • Vitamin D       400 IU
  • Vitamin E        30 IU

This product does not contain any artificial additives or fillers.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended daily dosage for adults is taking one 350 mg capsule of Oz Jar Phytoceramides daily and applying the topical vitamin C serum twice a day. To stop wrinkles you need to use both together for maximum anti aging effects.

There are no known or reported phytoceramides side effects because they are an all-natural product.

With ongoing usage, phytoceramides can be used to produce long-term results.


Oz Jar Phytoceramides 2-part system costs $22.95 for a 30-day supply. Compared to other phytoceramides products, this is a somewhat cheaper price. (The regular price of this product is $89.99, but it’s being offered at a deeply discounted price)


There is no mention of any kind of guarantee for this product.

The fact that there is no mention of any guarantee for this product should be taken into serious consideration when deciding on whether or not to purchase this product. If a reputable company has faith in their quality products, they will usually offer their customers time to use the product and find out if it works well for them.

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