Have we Tapped into an Actual Fountain of Youth?

One of the most important natural compounds found in our body when it comes to retaining a smooth skin are, ceramides. When we are younger, our body contains a high level of ceramides which gives our skin a smooth and elastic feel. However, as we grow older ceramide production greatly decreases causing our skin to lose most of its luster and will cause wrinkles to start appearing. This is where phytoceramides come into play.

Have we Tapped into an Actual Fountain of Youth?Phytoceramides are compounds that are commonly found in plants. This compound features a lot of similarities to our own ceramides. In this regard, medical researchers started studying this compound in the hopes that it would be a great alternative to replace our depleted ceramide reserves. The results, while still few and incomplete, show great promise in skin care.

Research on Phytoceramides’ Effectiveness

There were studies conducted at the Osaka City University which yielded some positive results. The results were so successful that phytoceramides are now being used as skin care supplements. It is also being viewed as a safe alternative to cosmetic surgeries such as Botox. It comes as no surprise that most cosmetic companies are feeling threatened by the introduction of phytoceramide supplements in the market.

The study stated earlier by the Osaka City University took 33 volunteers with 27 women and 6 men. The experiment lasted for about six weeks in which all volunteers took phytoceramide capsules daily. The study showed that the phytoceramide compound started giving results almost instantly as skin cells started showing signs of rejuvenation.

Have we Tapped into an Actual Fountain of Youth?The study confirms the compounds effects on the body as it manages to keep the skin moisturized throughout the day. Wrinkles also had a huge decrease in visibility with the skin starting to get some of its elasticity back.  The research ended with all 33 volunteers showing healthier, smoother and youthful looking skin. Ceramides are an essential part of our body. Not only does it keep our skin healthy and smooth, it also assists in protecting our skin from the harmful rays of the sun as well as the effects of pollution and stress. Using phytoceramides as an alternative to our dwindling supply of ceramides also showed no side effects. This is thanks to the fact that phytoceramides are taken from plant extracts. This greatly reduces the risk of side effects but this does not mean that this compound is 100% safe as there is still the danger of allergic reactions.

Final Thoughts

So what is the verdict on phytoceramide supplement pills? Are they the miracle drug most claim to be? Truth be told, more in-depth studies should be conducted first before a solid verdict is given. But, with what it currently demonstrated in several recent research studies, it might be a safe bet to start giving phytoceramides its due. This could possibly replace most of the anti-aging products in the future. It shows that it has much potential when it comes to skin care and reducing the signs of aging.